Kasnodar Caviar

Caviar Baeri White

Fresh and tasty tasting

Appreciated for its light iodine flavor and nutty notes, Kasnodar Caviar White Edition offers generous grains for a fresh and flavorful taste experience.Caviar-making requires real craftsmanship. A set of delicate gestures are needed to produce it.

Thanks to extensive training from leading French firms, Kasnodar Caviar benefits from this expertise to bring out the magic of this rare dish.

Useful information
COMMON NAME: Siberian sturgeon
LATIN NAME: Acipenser Baerii
COLOUR: Dark brown
FLAVOUR: Pure and mainly tangy
INGREDIENTS : Sturgeon eggs, 100% pure salt from Diego Suarez, Madagascar, or sea salt without additives from Madagascar, or laboratory salt, preservative (E285), allergen : fish
- Energy: 1127 KJ
- Protein: 26 gr
- Carbohydrates: 1.1 gr (incl. sugar 0.7 g)
- Fat: 18 g (incl. saturated fatty acids 4,2 g)

Kasnodar Caviar is initially eaten neat.

A dab of caviar is placed directly on the skin on the the back of the hand, at the corner of the thumb. Then bring your hand to your lips to taste the fine product. In this way, nothing alters its taste and you will have the pleasure to discover its many nuances.

Do not use a metal, silver or stainless steel spoon as this will oxidise the caviar. The tasting utensil par excellence is the mother-of-pearl spoon, a noble material and fascinating because of its iridescent reflections. 

Place the tin of caviar on ice, let it breathe for 5 minutes with the lid open and enjoy. Once the can is opened, consume within 24 hours.

In order to fully appreciate this fine dish 30 grams per person, 10 grams are enough to discover it.


When you buy it, your caviar comes in a cool bag with a gel pack. The gel pack should never be in direct contact with the can. At home, keep the caviar in the refrigerator between 0°C to 4°C. Check the use-by-date on the back of the can. Once the can is opened, use withing 24 hours.

Kasnodar Caviar encourages you to respect the selective sorting of caviar tins once they have been consumed.
Transport of caviar

If you are travelling within the European Union or on French territory from France, you are allowed to carry as much caviar as you wish. Outside the European Union, you may travel with a maximum of 125g of caviar per person in your personal hold baggage. In Madagascar, if you are flying domestically, there is no limit to the amount of caviar you can carry. These security measures have been put in place to prevent international trafficking.

It is recommended that caviar is packed flat in your luggage, otherwise the grains may be damaged. If you are going on a long journey, it is advisable to put at least two to three gel packs in the cooler bag.

10g - 20g - 30g - 50g - 100g - 250g - 500g


01 Sanitary and zoosanitary accreditations

Kasnodar Caviar obtained its sanitary approval in 2018 and the zoosanitary approval in 2019. The sanitary approval concerns caviar production and the zoosanitary certification concerns sturgeon farming. These two accreditations certify that Kasnodar Caviar has a quality system that prevents contamination of the farm and the caviar, thus ensuring the safety of the caviar for the consumer. These approvals are official documents issued by the Malagasy fisheries health authorities (ASH).

02 AFNOR ISO 14001 certification

Kasnodar Caviar is aware of the quality of the environment in which it is located, and therefore makes every effort to protect it. In order to ensure an objective control of environmental measures, the firm complies with the guidelines of the ISO 14001 certification. Therefore, every year, the environmental management system is reviewed and evaluated.
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