Kasnodar Caviar

The art of caviar

Caviar-making requires real craftsmanship. About ten meticulous operations are needed to produce it. The farm staff have been trained by top French firms in the purest tradition, to bring out the best in this rare product.

Acipenser works on the product in its laboratory with international standards. When the sturgeon reaches perfect maturity, the precious eggs are gently removed in order to have the best ones. These beautiful grains will then undergo a precise manual transformation process before being metamorphosed into caviar.
Their size, balance and texture are tested. They are then sieved, washed and sorted, before being carefully salted according to the Maison’s recipe.

The importance of salting

This is kept secret since it is the Kasnodar Caviar identity, but the salting recipe resulted from the original know-how of Malossol caviar (the Russian term for low-salt, high-quality caviar) and meets very precise specifications, in order to bring out a unique taste. Salting is a tricky step – a matter for experts – which sees the raw material transformed into caviar. It is done by hand, and the final quality of the caviar depends on it being done properly. It is stirred gently by hand so as not to damage the grains, and deftly so that salting is homogeneous. A crucial step that ends as soon as the desired result is achieved. Any longer, and the quality of the product is lost


The art of refining

The caviar is put back into its original can for refining in cold storage

Like wine, the caviar matures over time.

Over the weeks, the salt is absorbed by osmosis and gradually changes the characteristics of the grain membrane, driving out the water and hardening the egg, while the flavours of the caviar are developing.
Once the eggs have brought out all their flavours, and only when their texture and lingering on the palate reach perfection for our Caviar Masters,we gently pack them in the 10gr, 30gr, 50gr and 100gr Kasnodar tasting cans.

Kasnodar caviar

The amazing, delectable sensation that caviar provides on the palate makes it a unique, much sought-after source of pleasure. The grains roll then melt in the mouth like a caress. A deliciously melting firm texture, a subtle, delicate
taste suddenly becomes intense, a unique blend of land and sea, from familiar smoothness to the salty tang of the ocean…

The dark brown grains are a good size. In your mouth, it has a pure, tangy taste and a soft, fine texture that is attractive to your palate. Kasnodar Caviar comes from female sturgeon 5 – 6 years old.

Kasnodar Dégustation black

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